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Little Delights

Luna was a rat that I bought from the pet store because she kept getting loose and they didn't know what to do with her. I had never owned rats and was not looking for another pet. I then found out they had to have a companion thats when I had talked to Keelzdragonz Rattery and reserved a girl while we fell in love with 2 boys. We all were happy 2 handsome Siamese Rex boys, 1 Siamese smooth girl and 1 Blue Rex. Well 2 weeks later Luna had 10 babies! She bred with a Hairless Topear from the pet store. All 10 of these little babies grew and were quite cute! Some found homes and others are here to stay!

This is what they looked like a week old

Male Siamese Rex

Male Siamese Rex Dumbo

Aura Augusta 2005
Female Siamese Smooth Dumbo

Male Beige Berkshire Smooth Dumbo

Male Chocolate patch with head spot smooth Dumbo

Male Blue Variberk Rex Dumbo

Shadow August 2005
Female smooth black berkshire Dumbo

Mayhem August 2005
Female black variberk rex dumbo

Moonflower August 2005
Female smooth beige hooded Dumbo


KeelzDragonz Rattery:Specializing in Siamese and Hairless Rats Check website
I don't know if she is still breeding rats.
Rat & Mouse Club of America: Questions, Adoptions, Rescues & more
Powered by WebRing.

Male Blue Agouti Berkshire Rex Dumbo

Female American Blue Rex Dumbo

Luna August 2005
This is Luna today at almost 3 years!
She has had two strokes and has a head tilt and is blind in one eye,
but she has managed to recover and is doing very well for all that she has been through
Hoping for many more good months for her!

Female Masked Smooth
Starkiss developed a skin allergy and has scratched
and lost allot of her hair

Oreo Cookie August 2005
Female Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo

Cinderella August 2005
- Oreo Cookies baby born 10/24/04
She was born blind

Blueberry Muffin August 2005
Female American Blue Capped Rex Dumbo

Raspberry Tart
Female American Blue Capped Smooth Dumbo -
Passed away suddenly of unknown causes

Stuart Little August 2005
Male Siamese Rex Top Ear(Oreo's baby>

Honky August 2005
Male Siamese Smooth Top Ear(Oreo's baby))
He is my last living rat.
As of March 2007 he is 2 years and 4 months


Male HairlessTop Ear (Oreo's baby)
No longer living at home

We have found rats make great pets.
Some like to be held more than others.
They are friendly, cuddly, and are really inexpensive to own.
They love attention and can be taught tricks.
You have to have two of them (same sex of course).
They need a companion without they become unhealthy
and may destroy things.
Ours have been in plastic tubs with wire mesh tops
and wire cages with plastic large bottons when babies.
Then I have them when larger, in small
animal and even rabbit cagees.
Make sure they are big enough that
they can't squeeze throught the bars
I've used my birdswings I made for them which they love.
I use pine shavings from Tractor Supply (not cedar).
My sample diet is:
Mazuri or LabDiet 5001 Rodent blocks.
Sheps dog food biscuits (from Aldi's)They seem to like these
and do well on them
In the evening we feed a mixture of:
Puffed Rice
Vegetable Rotini or any vegtable pasta
Original Quaker Oats (not instant)
Wheat flakes
Green split peas.
Soy nuts
Millet seed
Striped Sunflower seeds, peanuts (use sparingly

Try a mixture of some of these. You be able to tell which they prefer
Fruits you may have on hand that mine prefer

seedless grapes
dried banana